Swimming pool

Swimming pool


Swimming pool

This group vacation rental is distinguished by its very large swimming pool. The pool was designed and conceived by the owners, and its extraordinary dimensions have been thought out to meet a number of needs:

A very large water surface (10 m x 20 m) to enable a group to enjoy swimming, with plenty of space for everyone;
Most of the water is flat, with a medium depth (1.35 m) for easy water polo (or other games);
And at the end of the pool, a 2.15 m pit for safe diving.

The pool is surrounded by landscaped areas and shaded zones.

2 areas favoured by our guests for chatting while cooling off:

The pool’s overflow area, which overlooks the lavender field in the foreground and the vines in the background. Often the best spot for confidences.

The Californian beach, where you can step gently into the water or lie back and sunbathe while contemplating the landscape.